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Shakespearean Classics on the Banks of the St. Lawrence River, After a record-breaking 10th anniversary season, we are pleased to announce the line up for 2013. We have something for everyone, whether it's comedy, tragedy, history, music or even hip-hop! The title refers to this article though, it is not on the schedule for Prescott this summer.
Here in Brockville we are in a real lull hockeywise. The real teams have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup pursuit, the AHL playoffs are over, it’s quiet time.

A little taste of hockey last Wednesday as our usual retreat to the Keystorm resulted in a couple of brief hockey conversations. Both Todd Gill and Clark Seymour confirmed they will not be with the Braves this year. Todd gets a chance to shine with his young team of two years ago matruring and the acquisition of yet another 20 year old netminder. He always insisted you can get great goalies at anytime. Meanwhile, Clark will be back as the mainstay of the Peterborough Petes defence. He is a rock, and upon him Jody Hull will build his church.

We were away in Belleville for a couple of days for a wedding, Justin Boisvert’s. It was a good ceremony and a great party after. Lots o good hockey players in the wedding party, Justin Jager and Jamie Reilly to name a couple. One of the bridesmaids had come from Switzerland for the wedding. her husband had played for Wexford raiders, and then attended Western Michigan in Marquette. He had just completed his 11th year of playing in the Swiss league. He was a non import as his Dad had emigrated from Switzerland to Canada. His brother is Jesse Graham, first round draftee by Niagara a couple of years ago (by Mike McCourt) and by the Isanders last year. Interestingly enough, to show just how small the hockey world is, I had stood beside his Dad in St Cathrines last year when the Spirit were in town.

Rebecca, along with her family, is still waiting to receive a visa to work in Australia. Once again it would seem the medical aspects are holding up the process.

While we revelling in the Quinte Room in Belleville on Saturday they Chicago Blackhawks ere starting to pull away from the Bruins in the chase for the Stanley Cup. This week will see that process come to fruition, and just in time for the NHL Entry Draft. Who gets whom? Interest had heightened with all the top prospects playing in the Memorial Cup. We shall see.

And the Leaf fans got another stir, if not jolt, when the management traded for Jonathan Bernier from LA. Jut when we thought James Reimer was firmly entrenched as the Leaf’s goalie, in comes another to prospect, who by all accounts is ready for prime time.

The Winterfest in Detroit was a hot topic of conversation on Thursday’s gathering for wings, of the chicken variety not Detroit! I had previously sent Rob a video about how to eat chicken wings. You recall a quick beer and wings at most OHL arenas was our mandate last season. Check out the video here.

Back to the Winterfest. Recall that last year we had spent a great week in Quebec at the World Under 17s. Although Brandon and his Team Ontario lost we were sure exposed to a great week of hockey, got to see lots of Connor McDavid and the rest of the guys who will be draft eligible a year from now. Peggy said if Colleen goes so will she! It should be a great Winterfest. I have been to a few games in Tiger Stadium with Rob but never been to Comerica Park.

My plan is to attend the two NCAA DI games on Saturday. Follow this up with Brandon and Saginaw Spirit game vs Windsor and then Plymouth versus London at 5 PM that day, Sunday. Monday will bring lots more great hockey as AHL action sees the Marlies play the AHL champion Grand Rapids. The activities at Comerica Park culminate with the Leafs Alumni playing the Detroit old timers. It should be good, but hey, these guys are not the old timer I remember, I wanna see the Production Line with Abel, Howe and Lindsay. I want Red Kelly on defence and Terry Sawchuck in goal. Ah for the good ol days when I hated everyone of those guys!

The Fest reaches a climax when a 100,000 fans, and hopefully our group, will be in the stands to see the Leafs and Detroit play a league game. Eat your heart out !

And last but not least, the Dynamic Duo make their debut! Yessir, Adam Gibson and Tau White unveil their new regime as they hold the Braves Main Camp this weekend in Kemptville. traditionally this camp has all the bodies trying to make this years version of the Brockville Braves. So we should see the 16 returning players, the Bantam Protects from a year ago, Andrew Peski and Zach Shankar, the Bantam Protects from this year, Jack Gill, Thomas Fingler and Eric Faith. The Braves were permitted a third selection because Brandon had signed in Saginaw (OHL) and did not report to Brockville. A strong presence will be the draft class from this year;


The remainder of the players for this weekend will be;

  • The drafted players from last years selection process who are still on the protected list
  • The recruited players whom the scouting group has identified as top prospects

It should be a good weekend for everyone. Coaches and recruiters will see these guys, many for the first time in a typical Junior A setting. Fans will get a refreshing new look at last years guys after a summer of growth and maturation as well as a first look at the draft selections, protects and the highly touted recruited players.

Rumours abound and it has been mentioned in the “forums” that two of the Braves top players, in fact two of the league’s most skilled players will not be returning to the fold. It will be a sad day for the Braves followers and the league fans in general if both Zack Todd and Dave Ferreira are missing from this year’s lineup. These two guys had the energy and skill to ignite the fans and spark the team. I did not believe it was in their character to walk away from our team when they were about to become it’s leaders. I am an eternal optimist and will be eagerly eyeing Dickie as he does the camp registration on Friday night.

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